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Key Sensitive Jewellery Hypoallergenic Titanium Ring GETi Official Retailer

About Us

A small enterprise composed of a husband and wife team.

Sarah (the wife) often found after wearing earrings for a couple of hours her ears would be sore, red and  swollen and would often bemoan the fact that she couldn't wear earrings to compliment her outfit when going out. 

After extensive research we realised that the most likely culprit for the allergies was nickel a base element used in most common earring component metals .
We were surprised to find that nickel is used in the manufacture of both 9ct and 18ct gold and white gold. We finally managed to source some nickel free earrings and a new world of earring wearing opportunities arose!!

Sarah then mentioned this to Mark (the husband) how much it meant that she could now wear earrings without having to suffer pain and discomfort for days afterwards.

So we decided to set up the outlet of Key Sensitive Jewellery, in March 2016 to ensure that high quality hypoallergenic jewellery is available to everyone at affordable prices. 

About us @ key sensitive jewellery

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